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The Fire of Leadership Begins with a SPARK!

Mike and GaryEvery fire begins with a spark. An idea. A glimmer of energy, which if carefully fostered and fueled can ignite a combustible material, unleash hidden energy, and become a bright, beautiful flame. But, depending on the circumstances, a fire can go out if not properly tended and fed. At On Purpose Leadership, our mission is to provide you, our professional clients, with that spark that will help you keep your business burning bigger and brighter!

Whether you are an individual, a department, or an entire company, your success depends on the level of drive, focus and leadership that is brought to the tasks at hand. No matter how effectively you are functioning, there is always the opportunity to improve. To do better. To learn more. To burn brighter. This is why everyone – from professional athletes to top business executives world-wide – seek outside coaching or consulting. You want to stay motivated, on-track, and be pushed to new heights.

At On Purpose Leadership, we know a thing or two about fire. And we can help get yours burning! Lead by Captain Mike Stanley of the Aurora, Colorado Fire Department, our sensational business coaching firm is available to provide customized consulting, motivational speaking, and leadership training on a case-by-case basis.

Mike Stanley

About Mike Stanley

With over 18 years of firefighting expertise, EMS delivery and instructional experience under his helmet, Mike brings a unique depth of knowledge to the field of business consulting and coaching. As a resolute leader with a vast amount of team-building experience and public speaking… and as someone who has made a career out of life and death decision-making and communication aptitude, Mike is someone you can count on to supply you or your organization with powerful lessons, advice and solutions — both pragmatic and innovative!

In addition to his own career experience, Mike has also taken it upon himself to become certified in the time-tested leadership principles developed by business coaching legend John Maxwell over the last 40 years. So, what does this mean to you? Simple. On Purpose Leadership has the complete capacity to inspire, challenge and equip you or your organization for great success.

About Gary Patton

Gary PattonGary Patton is originally from Southern California where he began his career working as a Landscape Architect in Southern California after graduating college.  When the building industry went South in the mid-eighties, Gary began to travel around Southern California trouble-shooting for Bennigan’s restaurants.  He moved to Eugene, Oregon in the early nineties and became a General Manager for Red Lobster and then Olive Garden for Darden Restaurants.  His stores consistently ranked in the top ten for customer service and several times ranked number one in customer satisfaction.  During his career at Darden he trained over fifteen managers who become managers for the company and frequently worked on and presented at the General Manager Regional meetings.  He worked for Aramark Uniform Services as a District Manager for five years before moving over to the wireless industry with AT&T wireless then Nextel/Sprint for almost ten years.

In 2011 Gary joined On Purpose Leadership as the Chief Connecting Officer after moving to Denver. Gary brings a unique combination of sales skills, training and operational expertise that he uses to help his clients’ identify new market opportunities, forge key relationships and turn around underperforming territories to significantly increase market share, revenue and profitability.

In 2012 Gary became a Bob Burg Certified Go-Giver Coach and is licensed and trained to teach The Go-Giver philosophy/methodology and the Endless Referrals system.

About Thomas Hissong

Tom-HRThomas Hissong brings the skills and knowledge of a proven personnel development and adult education professional, with extensive management and leadership expertise, to varied and diverse organizational settings.

Thomas is a recognized achiever in industry leading Fortune 100 companies, mid-size manufacturing firms and marketing organizations, and in growth oriented entrepreneurial or not-for-profit organizations. He has demonstrated expertise as a responsible, result oriented, client-focused problem solver with exceptional communication, analytical, strategic planning, and negotiating skills.

He has a Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University; a certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Colorado, Bard Center for Entrepreneurship; and a Bachelors Degree in Education (B.S.Ed.) from Central Michigan University. He is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree with Colorado State University’s Executive MBA program in Denver. His research interests include organizational development, change management, and international business.

Thomas maintains training certifications from the Forum Corporation in Face To Face Selling Skills, Managing Face-To-Face Selling Skills, and Sales Negotiations. All are strong, research-based programs that have a proven track record, and which he has customized to meet the individual training needs of numerous organizations.

Thomas is a persuasive, assertive, and challenge oriented, life-long learner who thrives on adding value in all business and personnel development endeavors.

Thomas is passionate about personal development and working with adult learners to enhance their skills, their careers, and their lives. He has lectured to business and professional organizations across the United States and Canada on business and marketing topics throughout his career. Thomas is now focusing his efforts and utilizing his talents as the Chief Development Officer with On Purpose Leadership.

So, if you or your organization has been seeking an outside consultant, business coach, or motivational speaker, contact On Purpose Leadership right away. We’ll listen carefully to your challenges and create a customized approach to help you “light a fire” where and when you need it – and to help you put out the ones you don’t want! So, think of us as your own personal fire company, and let’s create a spark together, today!

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  • What People Are Saying

    I haven’t looked forward to a training this much in years.  I really appreciated the tangible tools and examples.

    Kat, City Year Denver


    Gary, Thanks for your thoughtful and professional guidance and personal interest in each of your program participants. Your facilitation was heartfelt and outstanding.

    Duke Nielsen, Author, The New Employee Engagement Paradigm


    “Michael is a man who is dedicated to helping others. After serving 18 years in fire and safety and earning the rank of Captain,Michael now passionately serves the business community and individuals with his leadership skills, ability to connect with others, his vision, creativity and adaptability. Michael is a valuable asset and will help you to achieve your goals in your personal life and in your business.” – Kereakos Zuras (June 23, 2012) Former Advisor To George W.Bush,Business Turn Around Expert And TV-Media Contributor, Zuras & Associates Inc

    Gary’s presentations are excellent! Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his presentations.  His presentations are clear, concise and engaging to the audience.
    Sharon Shores, Social Media Consultant

    “I cannot say enough good things about my recent attending of Michael’s “5 Levels of Leadership Mastermind” study group. Michael is a fantastic facilitator who is well prepared with relevant material and has an art to eliciting great discussion within a group. I learned that I already posses leadership traits I didn’t know I have and I learned what I need to focus on to reach the next step. I highly recommend Michael and any study group he is offering to anyone aspiring to be a better leader.” –Vernon, Veteran, US Army

    “Michael is an excellent example of leadership at its’ best! He is attentive, listens and guides the group in moving forward with their leadership skills. He understands all aspects of leadership from the personal to group leadership management! Michael presents leadership in an effective format from which all levels of an organization can benefit.” —Sharon, President, SE Denver MainStreetChamber

    Gary is a highly, self-motivated individual that will rise to the top, no matter what the journey is. He is someone I would recommend in many areas of business with complete confidence. Whether you are in search of ideas, motivation, organizational skills, leadership capabilities, or just an amazing individual to add to your circle of partners, Gary will not only measure up to your expectations but he will go above and beyond. His enthusiastic hard work, has earned the confidence of those around him.
    Jadie Sosa, Owner, Impressions of Colorado

    “I highly recommend Michael to any professional group seeking to educate and inspire its members.”
    Kym, President, IIBA Denver Chapter

    “The first thing you notice about Michael is that he is humble, and that he genuinely cares about you as a person. Then you get to learn a little more about him. He has been in leadership positions for years from his education in leadership and human studies, to his position as a Captain with the Aurora Fire Department. I would highly recommend Michael as a speaker and trainer to get you and your business headed in the right direction.”
    Gary, Mobile Consultant, Trout Mobile

    “There is much to receive from the fountain of Michael Stanley. His leadership skills and experience cannot be measured in words. A meeting or project opportunity with Michael will leave you with a thirst for more of his knowledge, bravery and priceless teachings.”
    Jadie, Owner, Impressions of Colorado

    “Michael is one of those people you meet only so often; he is very knowledgeable, patient and insightful in providing solutions to complex situations. I have personally watched Michael as he provided “one minute” deliveries of facilitation and mentoring to those aspiring to become involved in leadership roles, and enjoyed and learned when listening to him as a public speaker. I highly recommend contacting Michael if you’re looking for this type of leader, speaker and consultant.”
    Gene, Executive Director, Commission on Emergency Services Education

    I highly recommend Gary Patton! He is a high energy, positive, motivator with very high ethical standards and a genuine interest in helping others succeed.  Gary thinks outside the box and is a terrific collaborator, always finding ways to make connections and add value.  Gary is a terrific resource and partner. If you have Gary in your corner, you’re heading in the right direction!
    Jason Corriere, Broker Associate, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

    Gary has been a tremendous resource to me with this extensive network, positive attitude and willingness to jump in and get things done. I highly recommend Gary to anyone seeking a great sales leader and motivator.
    Susan Roberts, ActionCOACH, Owner, ActionCOACH Business Coach | Certified Business Coach | Executive Coach, Action COACH (Summit Freedom Coach, Inc)

    “Michael Stanley is a true motivator and inspirational leader. He is friendly, witty and will come up with many clever ways to expand your business. What’s more, he truly cares about his clients and will go the extra mile to make sure they are happy with the services he provides.”– Anne, Owner, Awesome Writer LLC

    “Leaders are recognized among other things because they take initiatives and lead themselves first; Michael exhibited these and other qualities. I will recommend Michael without any reservations!”– Aldo, Founder, Aliento Canada

    “Michael is an excellent trainer and coach who is truly passionate about people and bringing the best out of them”– Alex, Manager, Citywatch Security

    Gary Patton is a Highly Motivated Entrepreneur who is always ready to help you grow and succeed in your business. You’ll be successful when Gary is on your side!
    Susan Gomez-Corriere, Owner, SocialBuzzNetwork.com LLC.

    “Mike is an outstanding and enterprising collaborator, with an incredible sense of judgment and a keen ability to understand and relate to others while offering them support in his areas of expertise. Mike is a resourceful, creative, talented and enthusiastic individual who is impassioned to help others. To top it all off Mike’s good sense of humor and warm personality make it easy to develop good working relationships and partnerships. I look forward to working with him in the future!”
    Jenny, Director, OACIS